Ratio Goes Live!

Ratio Goes Live!

We are very pleased to confirm that Ratio Vending, whose services span all Ireland, including offices in both Belfast and Dublin, have become the newest client to go live on Vendmanager. Welcome on-board!

Implementation completed just recently, making Ratio now our third Wise Vending Group member.

Andrew Steen, Managing Director at Ratio, explains that as a chartered accountant, precision, accuracy, and reliability are highly important, and a key decision factor in turning to SBS was that: “Datakey gives a single audit point - a reliable fixed foundation for everything else.”

“But that is just one of the foundations - a “good beginning.” Ratio will be looking to Vendmanager to pay its way across a full broad spectrum, putting data to work effectively:

- with payment systems proving ever more key to commercial success (and customer satisfaction), integration with payment systems through Vendmanager will be invaluable
- “Single Walk” is a prime opportunity to improve efficiency still further
- once the framework is in place, Pre-Packing and VoD (Visit on Demand) will be managed against evidence based criteria
- as open banking becomes increasingly powerful, and e-commerce platforms like Shopify add ever more functionality, the more we integrate and automate, the better.”

Simon Black, MD of SBS the makers of Vendmanager, commented: “Every client is unique - that’s why the flexibility of  Vendmanager is so important. Always. Examples especially relevant to Ratio include challenges linked to the dual operating bases spanning both Dublin and Belfast. Cross border? Multiple currencies? Implications for VAT and reporting? We always set out to ensure each customer has the right solution for their specific needs. And throughout, we always say what we mean, and do what we say. That’s essential to us as a company, and to me as an individual.”

Phil McGhee (Technical Manager) led the SBS Go-Live team, traveling to work on-site in Belfast by ferry rather than air because of the pandemic, with full support from Tom Howarth heading the support team and everyone at Vendmanager. SB Software has now fully adapted to the “current normals” so that the full ongoing programme of new implementations has been restored, and full support for all clients continues as ever.

“And now of course, our new online Help Centre will also be on hand 24/7, whenever it is most useful” adds Simon. “We are proud of the reputation that we have built for our team on the help desk - including winning the most recent Vendy for customer service. And now we are going further - today, and every day. Once Vendmanager has bedded in, I hope that Andrew will invite
us to visit for a more detailed case study report on how we are proving useful to Ratio, and how we can do even better still (because we will). This would of course be in addition to the scheduled account management support that is “part of the package” for every client.”

Read more about Ratio Vending here:

Published 16th November 2020

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