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Since SB Software was launched in 2007 our strategy has always been to create and deliver the very best software systems that allow our customers to compete and thrive in the rapidly changing world of vending.

We do this by giving them the tools to transform their operations, work smarter, be more efficient and get the maximum return from their investment. All of this is delivered through our industry-leading software system Vendmanager, which has been specifically created for the vending industry.

As a company, whether we are developing innovative solutions for our clients, providing customer support or recruiting new team members, our approach never changes: it is to be best in class.

We never accept that the right way forward is simply what has been done before, just because it always has. We look to embrace innovation and change in order to deliver the most value for the future.

Investing in an SB Software solution gives you a significant business advantage by providing access to business transformation technology, from stock and cash control to monthly invoicing and powerful reporting. These are just some of the many reasons to choose us, so take a look around our website to find our more.

We look forward to working with you.

Simon Black - Managing Director

SB Software Team Leaders

Simon Black - Managing Director

Simon Black

Managing Director

Before setting up SB Software, Simon gained a 1st class degree in Software Engineering ahead of progressing to a role as technical director for a software company that provided systems to the vending industry – a savvy marketplace that demanded stringent stock tracking and control and where he cut his vending teeth!

Although he hung up his developer’s keyboard a few years ago he’s still a software engineer at heart. Now with over 30 years’ experience he has overall responsibility for SBS’s operation and is never happier than when producing well-engineered solutions that positively contribute to the vending industry.

Phil McGhee - Sales, Training and Account Manager

Phil McGhee

Technical Manager

Building on extensive real-world experience in vending, Phil is adept at making things happen, whenever challenges require insightful technical solutions. Even better, he delights in pre-empting problems altogether through intensive analysis, planning and preparation in advance. From pre-installation, through rollout and ongoing monitoring, Phil is in charge of putting Vendmanager technology to work effectively, day-in, day-out.

Martin Olivant - Technical Manager

Martin Olivant

Technical Manager

With more than 27 years’ experience in vending, including 13 years at Express the market-leading operator, Martin has earned his reputation for “making things work” through his:
- technical excellence
- understanding of the market
- depth of experience.
His expertise spans the full UK machine park, as well as successful large scale rollouts of micro-markets. When it comes to technical mastery of vending machines, there's no-one stronger.

Tim Darracott - Head of Mobile Development

Tim Darracott

Head of Mobile Development

Head of mobile development Tim is responsible for the crucial function of writing and overseeing software, mainly working on mobile and telemetry systems. Continuously working and improving the systems, Tim also led the project to specify, design and deliver the Vendmanager Datakey hardware and software.

Tom Howarth - Support Manager

Tom Howarth

Support Manager

Tom provides both hardware and software support to all of our clients using Vendmanager and Vendmanager mobile. As part of this, he is responsible for all desktop, mobile, database and server support and all related software. Tom leads the Help Desk team, setting strategy, monitoring day-to-day activities and identifying needs for additional resources such as user-focused aides for training and support.

Robin Turver - Business Development

Robin Turver

Business Development

With his hard won expertise in the vending sector, Robin leads our business development by championing quantifiable commercial returns for our clients. Ever eager to understand better the priorities of potential and current users, he ensures and demonstrates that Vendmanager genuinely delivers to the maximum benefit of customers' operations. He also enjoys a round of golf.

Dan Varney - Client Success Manager

Dan Varney

Client Success Manager

Born into a well-known vending family, Dan brings with him hard-won sector experience on the “front line”, from both Revive Vending and Doozy. He is committed to ensuring that Vendmanager builds even further upon the foundation of technical excellence - as the best vending management system there is - to deliver maximum benefit to customers. That’s what client success means.