Case Study
B&B Vending

For B&B, new Vendmanager system is the crowning glory!


When B&B vending acquired Crown Cup, implementing a new vending software system wasn’t top of the agenda, however, seeing the software in use soon changed their priorities.

Stoke-on-Trent-based B&B are family-run business established in 1969 supplying vending services alongside wholesale sales of over 600 products. Their range includes state of the art vending machines and wholesale products from teas and coffees to tableware, food packaging, janitorial and kitchen supplies. A wide range of customers are served, including businesses, schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, pubs and cafes across many parts of the UK. They acquired Crown Cup in June 2015 and now have an 11-strong operational team.

Sb Soft Help B&B Vending

Acquiring Crown Cup gave them the added bonus of gaining access to SB Software Vendmanager system already well used for everyday and operational management.

“We were immediately impressed with the system especially the control it provided over all our stock levels, which obviously makes running this type of business much easier, especially when we carry hundreds of consumables for vending machines and the wholesale division. Applying the Vendmanager system was a no brainer.”

says James Boyd, Director at B&B Vending. Having been with SB Software for over six months now, James says that the two companies shared a very similar outlook.

“People use B&B because we are family run and customers know that we care. We focus on quality in everything we do, at all times and are always looking for innovation in the way we approach things.”

“We’re really pleased with the Vendmanager system, especially being able to create customised reports, having a visual, real-time dashboard right in front of us at all times, the re-ordering of stock facility and the fact that it integrates with Sage. We maintain stock levels in the warehouse by setting a re-ordering prompt level, which means we never run out of anything. Also because we now have such accurate stock levels we save money due to no excess stock being ordered, which is great for products that have a shorter sell-by date. All in all, the system has saved us a lot of time and made running the business much easier.”

With everyone at B&B so happy with Vendmanager, they are already looking to the future and are investigating the use of telemetry, which provides automatic readings from the vending machines, saving even more time and providing ever-tighter stock control.

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