Vendmanager Databridge

Databridge links directly via a SIM to Vendmanager, harnessing remotely the power of the best vending management system there is.

As compact as it is powerful, Databridge simply plugs inside the vending machine. Out of sight, but ever on duty. Supplying up to date data whenever and wherever it will most help your business.

SB Software Databridge 310
Databridge Machine Alert

No Upfront Charges and Economical to Run

There are no upfront charges for the unit, and Databridge is economical to run. For estates combining machines with and without payment systems, Databridge is perfect for bringing visibility to the whole machine park. Simply fit Databridge to any machine without a payment system, then keep an eye on the full picture - every machine, every day, all the time.

Remote Reporting, Keeping You in Touch with Your Machines

Databridge makes it easy to:

- know what machines need in advance
- pre-pack in the warehouse
- visit on demand.

With a wealth of information to hand remotely, you can decide in advance:

- when best to visit (or not)
- what to take to each machine
- how to manage your estate for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Databridge Machine Alert
Live Tracking

Track Faults

Custom Display

Track Failures to Vend

Example Detail

Track Stocks

Example Detail

Track Sales

Operate As Visit On Demand

Ready for Visit on Demand?

Now, you can decide the best time to visit, and make a single walk every trip. Saving time. Cutting costs.
Do a single walk - it’s easy.

Where it fits with your operations, you can also implement visit on demand: attending machines only when they need it, not against a regular fixed schedule.

This can make significant savings, but it’s not for everyone. So, if you would like to know more - with examples taken from real life - just get in touch.


Use Databridge to take control of your
operations and make your business
more visible, more efficient and more profitable.

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