Vendmanager Datakey

Vendmanager Datakey allows operators to fill more machines per day, whilst improving accuracy and security.

Vendmanager Datakey makes data-reading at the machine:
- simple
- fast
- accurate.

Meter readings are extracted direct from the machine, eliminating user error.

Detailed sales data is captured at the spiral level, allowing planograms to be optimised.

The system is more secure since cash reconciliation is based on data captured direct from the machine, not user input.

Implementing Datakey is very low cost per machine: you only need one fob per operator.

With a standard 6.3 mm jack plug (1/4″), you just slot the Datakey in, to transfer data effortlessly via Bluetooth.

SB Software Datakey


It’s easy, and error-free: nothing needs to be keyed-in manually.

Compatible with the vast majority of machines straight out of the box, just add Vendmanager Databridge if you ever need a low cost telemetry unit too.

Benefits at a glance - Vendmanager Datakey:

- speeds up the replenishment process
- eliminates user error on meter readings
- captures accurate sales data by spiral
- increases security
- keeps costs low per machine.


Use Datakey to take control of your
operations and make your business
more visible, more efficient and more profitable.

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