Ready to start out with Vendmanager?

Ready to start out with Vendmanager?

We'll make everything as simple as possible.

Understanding the Vendmanager Software Migration Service (SMS): how SBS makes sure that beginning your journey with Vendmanager goes smoothly - with as little disruption to your ongoing operations as possible.

We are proud that Vendmanager is “Simply Better”. And it’s not only the technical features and commercial benefits. It’s also about how we put them to work for you - right from the outset.

From the very beginning, we’ll take the strain - so you don’t have to.

That’s why we provide our Software Migration Service (SMS) for new clients.

The objectives are to:

- make everything simple and efficient as quickly and economically as possible for our clients as they come on board
- provide specialist experienced resources (who may not be readily available within client organisations) on site at the outset and on tap thereafter
- build technical/operational foundations that are solid for early effective deployment of Vendmanager, so that clients see rapid results and maximise ongoing return on their investment.

Everyone at SBS provides client support. It’s a part of their job. But the people on active duty for each specific implementation are the Software Migration Team (SMT).

Typically, the SMT will include individuals with designated responsibility for:

- operations
- technical
- customer support
- any other nominated functions as assigned.

For each implementation, one individual at SBS will be designated Project Manager (PM). The PM is in overall charge from our side — like the captain on a ship. The PM is also the designated single gateway for you as client (as required — it’s always better to have a single phone number or email to hand if you ever want it).

Steps and Timing

Typically, from proven experience with clients, the whole process of implementation with SMS takes one month of elapsed time from start to finish. But that doesn’t interfere with your ongoing operations.

There are two phases in SMS, each divided into five steps:

SB Software SMS Phase One

Step One, the kick-off meeting includes a detailed — agreed — project plan as a deliverable.*

By the end of Phase One, the solid foundations are in place to build further in Phase Two:

SB Software SMS Phase Two

If you would like more information at any time about how we make implementation simply better, please get in touch.

Not only have we done this all before (many times), we love doing it. Again. And again.

* Every implementation is unique, and the steps, deadlines and deliverables for each are specifically agreed and signed-off at Step One in the Implementation Plan.

Published 23rd March 2018

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