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Vendmanager is a fully configurable system that has been designed to cater for all sizes of business, from the smallest family run to the largest multinational and is the culmination of years of development work. Throughout the development and evolution of the system we have worked very closely with vending companies to ensure the system deals with real world operational issues quickly and effectively.

The system manages all aspects of a vending business, from stock and cash control to the monthly invoicing, all controlled from a user-friendly interface. Vendmanager will also integrate seamlessly with all of the market-leading payment systems, allowing you to contain all your critical data in one system, passing all your financial information through to your accounting system.

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Robust & Reliable

Based on the simple priority that our systems ‘just work’, we have built the easy-to-use Vendmanager software around an SQL database, using the latest development tools. All aspects of and updates to this bespoke, standalone application are thoroughly tested before a series of phased releases to ensure clients only ever receive the most robust and reliable product.

With no reliance on a permanent internet connection, virtually no down time, comprehensive support and data that goes specifically and securely to a business’s own server only, Vendmanager allows for a true server/client architecture and provides a powerful package you can trust, both now and into the future.

Configurable Dashboards

Do you want an easy-to-use system that can be configured to allow a number of different users to see what they need at a glance? Well, that’s exactly what you get with Vendmanager.

The software has been designed so that users can configure their own dashboard with a range of modules and reports, presented in either grid or chart form. Even users with the most basic understanding of the system will be able to design their own dashboard and access relevant information at the click of a button, while inherent flexibility means the dashboard can be changed whenever required.

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Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Use the clean lines and bright colours of the dashboard to follow tasks that are being done, have been done or cancelled. Know when operators or service staff have been to a machine and what they have left to complete.

Custom Display

Custom Display

Want to add to or change the look of a dashboard window? This is easily done using the custom controls. The options are endless. See what you need to see, not what we think you should see.

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Grids or Charts

How do you like to see your reports? Choose a grid, chart or gauge… or why not have them all! Any report can be adapted to show on the dashboard in any of these forms and updated live.

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Powerful Reporting

With a firm belief that all parts of our systems should be easy to use and understand, we have made large amounts of the data Vendmanager produces easily accessible, meaning extremely powerful and useful reports are only ever the touch of a button away.

We work closely with clients to configure systems and ensure the reports and data they need are always available. All reports can be batched and saved, then exported to a range of common formats, meaning customers can be presented with valuable information with no need to export the data using additional software.

Sage Integration

With over 30 years’ experience in vending management, it’s no boast to say that we are good at what we do. We also know that you are too, and that’s why we’ve designed our systems to be as flexible as possible and fit seamlessly into your trusted existing operations.

As a result, Vendmanager’s simple-to-use wizard interface allows the valuable accounting data collected to be easily integrated with clients’ preferred accounting systems, including the UK’s leading package, SAGE, avoiding costly and time-consuming wholesale software replacement.

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Payment Integration

Payment System Integration

If the idea of having all of your information contained within one system and avoiding being fixed to whatever is supplied by your payment provider is appealing, then Vendmanager is for you. By working with your payment system provider, we can import all data into Vendmanager and therefore seamlessly include credit card payments as part of contract invoices.

As the only company offering the use of this data in the system collected both locally at the machine and by telemetry from payment systems, we provide you with highly useful information regarding your machines’ sales patterns and make the re-stocking process much more efficient.