Case Study
Westways Vending

Passion underpinned by insight. Customer service informed by data. Through Vendmanager.


It all began back in 1999, managing just a single vending contract using an estate car. But founders Ian and Linda Baker aren’t looking backwards. Quite the opposite. Today, already well established as a successful business operating out of Hailsham across Sussex, Kent and Surrey, everyone at Westways Vending is instead looking forward - to continued sustained growth. And nowadays their confidence is founded on informed insight - thanks to Vendmanager.

Still a family business. Linda, Natalie and Ian Baker at Westways: Family values, dedicated service, and high customer standards are essential.

Still a family business. Linda, Natalie and Ian Baker at Westways: “Family values, dedicated service, and high customer standards are essential."

From day one, Westways has been built on unswerving principles: “Family values, dedicated service, and high customer standards are essential,” confirms Ian Baker, Managing Director. “We have high expectations from our team. Respecting one another and maintaining high customer service are key.”

“We have never regretted making the switch to Vendmanager.”

Since 2012, those standards have been further underpinned by Vendmanager from SB Software. Ian explains: “We worked with the Vendmanager team in Sheffield extensively prior to its installation. Since then that co-operation has grown into a synergy which has delivered a vending system integral to our operations. We have never regretted making the switch to Vendmanager.”

“With Vendmanager, route planning is completely dependable. And Vendmanager is scalable - the system has accommodated our changing needs. We value the support team – they are amazing, and the customised reports we have created together help us manage so many aspects of our business, enabling us to utilise stock and manpower efficiently. When you have a clear understanding of a system - and your expectations are being met fully - you then have more time to concentrate on other vital aspects of the business. Vendmanager makes us feel more in control.”

Using Vendmanager Mobile in the warehouse at Westways: Vendmanager makes us feel more in control.

Using Vendmanager Mobile in the warehouse at Westways: “Vendmanager makes us feel more in control.”

“Vendmanager keeps us competitive.”

“In an ever-changing market place, we are increasingly under pressure to remain competitive. Vendmanager has helped significantly to reduce stocks both in machines and on the fleet. With Vendmanager stock management is so simple, and the solutions completely effective. Vendmanager gives full visibility of the system informing our ability to plan ahead, using live data.”

“Westways bring data to life - to the benefit of their own customers.”

Simon Black, Managing Director of SB Software has been deeply engaged since the two companies first started working together: “Westways bring alive the power of data - to achieve their goals thus serving the needs of their own customers. On its own, data is fascinating. To me. Combined with the passion, commitment and business acumen that Westways brings to work in the sector every single work day, it is a powerful business tool.”

“I know that Ian and the team are very proud that they still retain to this day their very first customer from 1999. That illustrates the quality of service and satisfaction they deliver. But today that client should feel a lot less lonely - with so many other satisfied customers alongside, all serviced from an efficient forward-thinking operation. I am proud that one of the reasons Westways have been able to expand and extend without sacrificing quality and service is Vendmanager. And for me, that’s what effective innovation is all about: doing the same and more, for more people at lower cost. It means you can grow and maintain standards.”

“Westways are enjoying the value of data at accessible cost, utilising Vendmanager Mobile's data reading capability. This is achieved at very low cost per machine, removing a potential barrier to entry. The next step already underway is installing Nayax units - also monitored by Vendmanager - because customer needs (and innovation to meet them efficiently) never stop evolving. These are ongoing steps: making technology effective commercially is a question of balancing availability, functionality and affordability - with timing and efficient implementation absolutely key to success."

“Innovation never ends. And nor does customer service. The challenge is to harness the two together in the right way for your business and your customers - doing the best you can today, while preparing for tomorrow.”

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